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About Inflorescent growth

Inflorescent growth is about the flowering cycle of a flower as a metaphor for mental wellbeing. The flower begins to grow in the dark underneath the surface. A place, where everything seems doomed for the little seed. But after some flickers of light through the surface, the plant starts to break through the soil. Here the flower can grow to its full glory. At the end of the flowering period it will leave a seed behind for the cycle to start all over again.
The garments tell the story of this process linking the colours to different growth phases and connecting them with emotional values. A discovery of natural shapes and natural ways to grow patterns. All merged into a new alienated world, created by the toxics of the foxglove.  The herb known for its hallucinative effects will bring you into this fairytale world and give an escape from the ordinary life. 

Leaving a seed of hope and encouraging revivement.



Photos: Loes Gorseling

MUAH: Rosalie Hendriks

Model: Grisha, Known Model Management

Inflorescent growth - Graduation collection 2021

Buried in the dark earth, waiting for flickers of light

The stiff earth starts bending, flourishing from the center of life

A sea of bright colours revealed, reaching my full glory

Only to wither again, leaving my seed to grow 

And start all over again

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