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About Mutated back yard


The collection Mutated back yard sketches a possible future scenario originated from an eco-disaster. In the fashion industry lots of chemicals and dyes are dumped by factories into rivers and forests. In this scenario it escalates and starts an insane evolution. This creates new mutations and is the start of the melting together of all sorts of DNAs. It generates world, which seems like a wonderful fairytale at first, but eventually it leads to dangerous situations. It offers an optimistic escape out of the current reality with political restlessness and environmental issues, but after a while the reality comes crashing in to break this beautiful illusion.

The idea of the garments is the merging of wearer and the elements of this toxic garden. This is translated by colourful flower prints growing out of the body on pleats and flounces as a mutation of the body. The wearer is slowly becoming one with this back yard. The DNA of the garden is also melting together with the bones and growing out of the garments as new details and headpieces.

A toxic, but wonderful response to the pollution of the earth. 




Photos: Suzanne Waijers

MUAH: Anh Nguyaen

Model: Marieke, CARAS Model Management

Mutated back yard - Seasonless collection 2020

Imagine walking into your back yard and discovering an utopian garden. The flowers are changed and transformed into new, colorful creations. The leaves have strange colors and seem to be directly out of a painting. It’s like a new fairytale world. A bubble that bursts after one touch, a start of melting together with the garden and becoming one with the mutated flowers.

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