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Outfit using print collection Spirits of light

The jacket contains a mix of materials and techniques. The sleeves and yokes are made out of an old curtain. The material is upcycled using sublimation print. The placement of the fabric makes it breathable and easy to move in.

This material is mixed with a hand-woven front and back. The material is first printed using sublimation print, then the material is lasered and woven. The best part of this technique is the possibility to lasercut the fabric in pattern pieces before it’s woven, so there is no unnecessarily threads used and thrown away. 

The jacket is combined with a bodysuit inspired by surfsuits. This product is made out of a jacquard knit executed in a mix of bio cotton and polyester. The material gives great comfort and lets you move freely.




Photos: Loes Gorseling

MUAH: Rosalie Hendriks

Model: Grisha, Known model management


Spirits of light - Seasonless print collection 2020

The summoning of the spirits of light creates a journey between different light dimensions. This travel starts with the hypnotizing effects of iridescent light, transforms into a vivid neon world and ends in a dark dimension filled with sparks of light. The feelings and looks of these different dimensions are translated into prints and materials.

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